The Thriving Christian Artist

294 - 5-Minute Mentoring: Prophetic Percolation

October 15, 2021 Matt Tommey: Artist, Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur and Artist Mentor Episode 294
The Thriving Christian Artist
294 - 5-Minute Mentoring: Prophetic Percolation
Show Notes

I'm a major coffee fanatic.  On any given morning you're going to find me in my comfy chair with my journal, sipping a delicious dark roast blend.

As I savor the rich flavor and aroma, I appreciate that it doesn't just start in the cup.  The journey from the tree to my coffee cup is a process.

Coffee has to be grown, selected, dried, roasted, rested, ground, brewed – all before it becomes the heavenly beverage we're able to pour and partake in.

From planting to percolating, we can appreciate every single step.  Even the leftover dregs are part of the process.

Just like that exquisite cup of coffee, creativity is also a progressive process:

  • Grown – cultivated from a kernel of an idea
  • Selected – not every idea is ready to be used
  • Dried – the Son removes unnecessary parts
  • Roasted – the Father's fire reveals the essence
  • Rested – the soul of the artist is expressed
  • Ground – the grinding of productivity is done
  • Brewed – water/heat of the Spirit transforms

It's what I call Prophetic Percolation.  It's a prophetic picture for the process of creativity in Prophetic Art.

That’s what I’m talking about on today’s episode of 5 Minute Mentoring!

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