The Thriving Christian Artist

291 - Renewing the Arts: A Conversation with Justus Stout

October 05, 2021 Episode 291
The Thriving Christian Artist
291 - Renewing the Arts: A Conversation with Justus Stout
Show Notes

As an artist in the church, do you find yourself in a peculiar place, navigating between two different worlds?  Maybe you're a Christian with a vision for your work that doesn't fit in the "Christian art" box.  You may also find yourself outside of mainstream support for the work God has called you to do.

There was a time when the church was the primary patron of the arts and culture. Now artists are invited to leave extreme creativity at the church door. Maybe it's time to bring back old school "patronage of the arts" with a new twist—creating support for artists inside the church that also creates more influence outside.

Today, I'm having a conversation with my new friend and advocate for the arts, Justus Stout, about the role of art and artists in the church and in the world.  Justus leads Renew the Arts, an organization on a mission to liberate Christian creativity through patronage and sponsorships.

Wait, we're talking about artist sponsorship – even though I'm like the king of advocating artist entrepreneurship. Those are in conflict, right? Find out the real deal as Justus and I hash out our differences in this episode.

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