The Thriving Christian Artist

289 - Beautifully Broken: A Conversation with Michelle Ruschman

September 28, 2021 Matt Tommey: Artist, Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur and Artist Mentor Episode 289
The Thriving Christian Artist
289 - Beautifully Broken: A Conversation with Michelle Ruschman
Show Notes

When I was a kid, the phrase  “One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure” fascinated me.  I imagined someone rifling through a trashcan and holding up a gold nugget in triumph.  It’s entirely possible that I voluntarily took out the trash just for the chance to discover a treasure of my own.

My guest on the podcast today uses her creative gifting to literally turn trash into treasure - a process she calls “Beautifully Broken.”  Michelle Ruschman, the Prodigal Artist, is a fused glass artist who takes broken glass and things that other people might discard and restores them into beautiful pieces of art. Michelle's work is connecting others with the notion of brokenness being a superpower and not our kryptonite. 

It’s not unlike what the Lord does with every single one of us - He takes our broken pieces and fuses them together into something beautiful and meaningful.  I’m excited to introduce you to Michelle today so you can hear her story of restoration and the power of God!

I first met Michelle when she participated in the Artist Rise Up Masterclass last September, and as it happens, we’re in the middle of the Artist Rise Up Masterclass + Art Challenge right now! 

We’ve only got a few days left, but you can still join in the fun, fellowship, worship, and inspiration!  The Masterclass + Art Challenge is free, but you do need to register at the link below so we can send you all the details!

Artist Rise Up Masterclass + Art Challenge

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