The Thriving Christian Artist

349 - Called By Creative Glory: A Conversation with Joshua Mills

May 17, 2022 Matt Tommey: Artist, Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur and Artist Mentor Episode 349
The Thriving Christian Artist
349 - Called By Creative Glory: A Conversation with Joshua Mills
Show Notes

You know those people who are so busy and prolific that you wonder how on earth they manage to get everything done?  

That’s my friend, Joshua Mills.  Joshua and his wife, Janet, have been in ministry for 25 years, sharing their personal compassion and message of the hope, healing and restoration of Jesus Christ to countless people worldwide through their organization, New Wine International Ministries.

Joshua has traveled the world speaking to audiences, writing dozens of books (dozens!), and recording and releasing albums ranging from praise and worship music to relaxing spa music.  

I’m honored to chat with him about, among other things, his brand-new book, “Creative Glory.”    

I loved talking with Joshua about his outlook on creativity in the Kingdom of God and how God provides for those who do what He’s calling them to do.  You’re going to really get inspired when you hear this message, too.   

For more on what is keeping Joshua busy, be sure to check out his website at, and as he says, you can find his books and albums “wherever books and albums are sold.”  😄


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