The Thriving Christian Artist

345 - Glorifying God In The Gig Economy: A Conversation with Allen Paul

May 03, 2022 Matt Tommey: Artist, Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur and Artist Mentor Episode 345
The Thriving Christian Artist
345 - Glorifying God In The Gig Economy: A Conversation with Allen Paul
Show Notes

Truth time: God doesn’t want you to be comfortable. He isn’t a La-Z-Boy salesman.   

If you’re too comfortable, you’re not moving forward…and God’s going to start poking you until  you do.  

Allen Paul found that out in his life when he was secure in his jobs as a teacher and at a church…but God wouldn’t stop poking him.  Allen had financial security, but he just knew he wasn’t doing what God was calling him to do.  

The only solution was to leave that security behind and trust God to show him the way forward.  

Now, after experiencing the ups and downs of finding his way in the gig economy, Allen has his love of music, teaching, and ministering all working together, the way God intended.  And he’s using his experience to help other musicians and artists learn the things Allen wished he had known when he was starting out, through his multi-platform ministry, God And Gigs.  

Listen to Allen’s story of how he has walked THROUGH the valleys in his life, and kept on walking, trusting God to light the way, on this episode of the Thriving Christian Artist podcast!

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