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335 - When Your Art Does The Talking: A Conversation with Grace Bomer

March 29, 2022 Matt Tommey: Artist, Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur and Artist Mentor Episode 335
The Thriving Christian Artist
335 - When Your Art Does The Talking: A Conversation with Grace Bomer
Show Notes

 There’s a big misconception that “prophetic art” has to depict crosses and doves and Scripture quotes.  It causes a lot of artists to question if their art “qualifies” as prophetic.

Well, prophetic art doesn’t HAVE to do all that - but it sure can! 

My friend Grace Bomer is an award-winning artist who uses her art to glorify the Lord.  

Her paintings, which are often metaphorical representations of Biblical lessons and scenes, have the power to reach the hearts of Christian and secular art lovers alike.  

But, as you’ll hear in my chat with her in this episode of the Thriving Christian Artist podcast, it hasn't been easy.

Tune in to hear about Grace’s journey as an artist, from trials to triumph, and I’m sure you’ll be revved up for your own journey as well.   

And for a really special treat, if you come to this year’s Gathering of Artisans on August 17-22, you can take a workshop from Grace herself! 

Pre-register now at to get early access to registration and to sign up for the workshop!

If you want to see Grace’s amazing work, you can check out her website or her Instagram:


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