The Thriving Christian Artist

339 - How God Uses Art To Call People To Him: A Conversation with Terry Glaspey

April 12, 2022 Matt Tommey: Artist, Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur and Artist Mentor Episode 339
The Thriving Christian Artist
339 - How God Uses Art To Call People To Him: A Conversation with Terry Glaspey
Show Notes

Christian art has always been a force for the Lord.  Paintings, hymns, poetry, sculpture, drama… all the forms of art you can think of have been touched by God to call people to Him.  And yet even today, some people don’t understand just how powerful the connection between art and faith really is.  

Terry Glaspey is not one of those people.  

Terry, my guest on this episode of the Thriving Christian Artist podcast, is an award-winning author, mentor, and seminary professor with a lifetime of art appreciation under his belt.  

He understands very well the amazing history and heritage of Christian art and is a strong advocate for building off of that heritage going forward.  

On today’s episode of the Thriving Christian Artist podcast, I’m talking to artist, professor, and historian Terry Glaspey, whose new book, Discovering God through the Arts, inspires people to grow closer to God through the appreciation of beauty and creativity. 

Take a listen to my interview with Terry and get ready to experience impactful, evocative, and inspiring Christian art that just might surprise you.

You can find Discovering God through the Arts and other books from Terry on Amazon and at Christian and secular bookstores everywhere.

If you’re interested in signed copies of Terry’s books, check out his website:                     


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