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336 - 5-Minute Mentoring: How To Heal Your Heart From Shame

April 01, 2022 Matt Tommey: Artist, Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur and Artist Mentor Episode 336
The Thriving Christian Artist
336 - 5-Minute Mentoring: How To Heal Your Heart From Shame
Show Notes

What sort of garment are you wearing?  

No, I’m not asking whether you’re wearing shorts or a dress or jeans or a pocket t-shirt.  If you’re wearing white after Labor Day or socks with Crocs…no judgment here.  

What I’m really asking is whether you’re wearing the Garment of Praise or the Garment of Shame.  

Shame is heavy.  Shame drags us down.  Shame is a burden that colors our experiences, our interactions, and our relationship with the Lord.

The Lord tells us to put on the Garment of Praise and praise Him in all things, but it can be hard to do that if you’re weighed down by the Garment of Shame.  The antidote to shame is praise!  Hallelujah!

In this episode of 5-Minute Mentoring, I’ll tell you about the false comfort of shame and how you can escape from the burden of its weight so you can experience joy, fulfillment, clarity, and love.

When you discover how to cast off the Garment of Shame and put on the Garment of Praise, your life will never be the same!

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